Arizona Excursions – Part 2

January 11, 2016

Just before New Years’ we drove to Picacho Peak State Park to do a little hiking.  It was a sunny day, but very windy.  Of course we are not fully in condition for more strenuous hiking.  But it was a pleasant outing nonetheless.

IMG_20151226_130701921 (Medium) IMG_20151226_123701278_HDR (Medium) IMG_20151226_122425189 (Medium) IMG_20151226_115013224 (Medium) IMG_20151226_132142899 (Medium)

We continue to enjoy our role as volunteers at Casa Grande Ruins.  Every so often we wander off the “beaten path” and are treated with the discovery of another interesting pot sherd.  And talking with the visitors continues to be a joy.

IMG_20160101_160353906 (Medium) IMG_20160112_172555222 (Medium)

The big news is that we have been accepted as Interpretive Volunteers for the Forest Service Heritage Sites in Sedona!  We will be parking our trailer right IN one of the Red Rock Canyons while we are staying at the Palatki Heritage Site.  Here are links to some web sites that describe Palatki:  NFS, Wiki, and Verde Valley.

We will be in Sedona for May, June, July, and August!  I doubt that we will ever get our “fill” of Sedona, but we will have lots of time to hike, re-visit favorite places, and explore new ones.  The first three months will be at Palatki, and the last month we may move to the V-Bar-V Heritage site – a site with over 1000 ancient petroglyphs.  This volunteer assignment is particularly special to us because it was at these two Heritage Sites that we were first introduced to Volunteering and the role full-time RVers  play in the operation of Heritage Sites, National Parks, state parks, and similar locations.  We have come full circle!


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4 thoughts on “Arizona Excursions – Part 2

  1. Congratulations on your follow-on assignment in Sedona. All your planning and hoping is coming to life. Theresa and Roy

  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. We too enjoy Sedona and Verde Valley. Be safe Happy travels. Judy and Roger

  3. Such a great experience and to come full circle is special indeed.
    Love the southwest and in younger days explored numerous national parks,
    even primitive camped for a week in Arches.
    Enjoy every day and continue to share with us your fun!!!
    Betty Ann

  4. Judith and Mark,

    I am so glad your living your dream. I so much enjoy reading and seeing your adventures. I just hand shoveled 12″ of fresh fallen snow off my driveway in Mentor, OH and seeing your pictures has warmed me. Keep them coming.

    God Bless you both in your travels.

    Ted & Linda Daly

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