Jamestown Audubon Society

Sunday 5/18/2014 we investigated the local Audubon Society, which is only 2 or 3 miles from our campsite.  The property and trails were delightful.  While we certainly did not see any rare or unusual birds, we did see several that we found very enjoyable.

Gray Catbird:

Gray-Catbird-1-Medium Gray-Catbird-2-Medium

Scarlet Tanager:

Scarlet-Tanager-4-Medium Scarlet-Tanager-3-Medium Scarlet-Tanager-2-Medium Scarlet-Tanager-1-Medium

Tree Swallow:

Tree-Swallow-1-Medium Tree-Swallow-2-Medium

Common Flicker:

Common-Flicker-2 Common-Flicker-1 Liberty:  American Bald Eagle

Liberty was found with a severe infection in one of her wings.  She was treated and brought back to health, but her wing was permanently damaged.  While she can fly, her wing is not strong enough to fly longer distances, and she would not survive in the wild.  So she is a permanent resident at the Jamestown Audubon Society.

Liberty-Bald-Eagle-2-Medium Liberty-Bald-Eagle-1-Medium

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