Heading to Minnesota

Heading to Minnesota

As we ended our time at Anahuac there was a lovely good-bye lunch at the Crawfish Place (not on Trip Advisor’s top ten restaurants in Anahuac, TX!) I had fish & Judith had shrimp (I don’t think anyone from our group had crawfish).  We will miss Stephanie, George, Brianna, Jim & Joan, Lauren, Robert & Jo, as well as those who had already left — Bill & Susan, and Isy & Cathy.


When we left, we headed north toward Dallas using secondary highways. We did NOT want to negotiate three freeway changes in Houston traffic! We spent the night in a campground that was not too far for Judith’s brother, Don, to come visit. While it was conveniently near the city and I-35, the camp sites were the smallest that I have ever experienced! But we had a delicious pizza at an interesting pizza place nearby, and of course had lots of laughs with Don.

Then it was on toward Wahoo, Nebraska! (Yes, that is the real name of a real town 40 – 50 miles west of Omaha.) We visited Judith’s friend, Leah, on the farm that has been in her husband’s family for generations. We were able to satisfy our “kitty fix” with her nine cats. We taught her to play Dominion — and she’s hooked! She had to order the game before we left. The town of Wahoo has a living downtown and a wonderful meat market — the Wahoo Meat Locker. They have some of the best bacon you have ever tasted.


Our next stop was outside Minneapolis for a visit to Judith’s long time friend, Debbie. She had arranged for us to park our truck and trailer in the parking lot of her condo complex swimming pool. Unfortunately, as we turned into the lot, we cut just a little close and got onto the soft grass beside the driveway, creating a gouge that rivaled the Mariana Trench! But we all pulled together to repair the damage, filling the hole and re-seeding the grass. The three of us also enjoyed several rousing games of Dominion.


Of course, how can you visit Minneapolis without a trip to the Mall of America? We enjoyed walking around, seeing all the stores and the indoor amusement park, but bought nothing (but Judith was tempted at the cookie stand) …

Finally we traveled to visit our friends and fellow volunteers, Bill and Kay, on their farm near Williams, MN. Judith learned how to drive a farm tractor. And we did go to the Lake of the Woods which is nearby, saw an eagle and nest, and what we believe were wolf paw prints in the sand.

We have arrived at Grand Portage and it is beautiful — it feels like summer camp! But we will save that for our next post.


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