Our first destination – Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

March 2015


Even before we had really decided to begin full time RV living, we had met a couple at the V-bar-V Heritage Site south of Sedona, AZ.  They were volunteering there for the season, working as interpretive guides, etc. — and receiving their site & utilities in exchange for their service.  This concept SO intrigued us!  As we left that site we discussed how perfect such an arrangement would be for us — learning about the site and it’s people and sharing this with the visitors.

Since we have been seriously planning to go full time, we have been looking at various Volunteer opportunities at sites such as that.  Last December we had sent in one application — for Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.   Last night (6/16/2015) the Director called to ask us to come to Casa Grande for the winter!!!

We will be tour guides & information resources three days a week.  We will have free RV parking (including electric, water & propane) on site – along with six other volunteer’s RVs.  So we will have some like-minded neighbors with whom to share some of our off-time.

We will be living in Southern Arizona December through mid-April, an hour south of Phoenix and an hour-and-a-half north of Tuscon.  Highs will range from upper 60’s to low 80’s while we are there!  Average annual snow fall:  0″  (Hear that Cleveland?? No Snow!!)

Here is a link to the National Park Service web site:

National Park Service – Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

and here’s one picture of the site:


Casa Grande Ruins is located in Coolidge, AZ.  This is Arizona desert country with Saguaro Cactus growing wild.  The site is estimated to have been occupied by native peoples for about 1,000 years — from about 450 AD until about 1450 AD.  It is stark and beautiful and historically significant.

We hope to see many friends and family during our stay there, as well as to meet and make many new friends.  See you all in Arizona!


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