Glacier National Park

After arriving at our campsite at Apgar Campground in Glacier N.P. , it was clear that we would not be getting any solar electric!

But just a short walk away was McDonald Lake, and a gorgeous view!

As luck would have it, our wonderful neighbors from Cleveland had planned a vacation to Glacier the same week we were going to be there.  We coordinated our schedules to take the Hidden Meadow hike.  Thankfully they waited for us, since “we” had some trouble finding the trailhead!

The Ondrejka Family — Lena (the babysitter), Jason, Sarah; Bekka, Maddie; Philip, Alex

The scenery was beautiful and it was so much fun being with them all.  AND, the pace the younger ones set was just about perfect for Judith and I.

As we hiked back, we saw a Spruce Grouse on the trail!  (NOT a ptarmigan like I first thought!)

After lunch, the Ondrejka’s headed back for their afternoon activities, and we drove the winding road up to Bowman Lake – another beautiful spot.

A young deer was so busy browsing on the foliage that he came within 15 – 20 feet of us as we sat along the lake.

Our drive back “home” was filled with more great views…

Judith says that I’ll do “anything” for a picture… whatever could she be talking about?

The next day we took the Avalanche Lake hike.  We started out early enough that Lake McDonald was very still.

The hike followed the stream flowing out of Avalanche Lake, it was beautiful!

Avalanche Lake is fed by melting water from the Sperry Glacier, and it is a wonderful sight!  You can see the water flows coming down the rock walls!

Our original plan had been to stay at Apgar campground for several more days, but the “Going-to-the-Sun” road that joins the east and west sides of the park was still full of snow and not open, and probably would not be until after the 4th of July!  And it is a two hour drive around to the other side, so we decided to move.

Our new campground, Chewing Blackbones Resort, is part of the Blackfeet Reservation.  Even from the campground, the mountains were beautiful!

The next day we drove up the “Going-to-the-Sun” road from the east as far as was permitted.

It was intermittently cloudy and foggy,,,

But when it cleared, the sights were amazing!

They had the road open to the Jackson Glacier overlook.  What a sight looking at this glacier, with a snow storm swirling over it!

Jackson Glacier

Along the road we saw a large patch of “bear grass” in bloom.  And we saw a Momma Black Bear with two cubs – but I only caught one in the photo!

Bear Grass in bloom
Momma Black Bear and Cub

The next day we drove up to Many Glacier.  As is true throughout Glacier N.P., beautiful vistas are around every turn!

There is a beautiful old hotel at Many Glacier built by the railroad in the 1920’s that overlooks Swiftcurrent Lake and the mountains beyond.

We enjoyed the combination boat ride/hike up Swiftcurrent Lake and Grinnell Lake to see the Grinell Glacier.  We were surprised to be hiking across snow drifts – some were still 6 or 8 feet deep in the middle of June!

Grinnell Glacier and Falls were spectacular!  And the lake with its turquoise glacier-melt water was breath-taking!

While we had several rainy and partly cloudy days during our visit to Glacier N.P. it was still a fantastic visit!

Next stop, Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada!


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