Dead Horse Point State Park

We spent about two weeks “boondocking” near Moab, Utah, gateway to both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, with Roger & Cindi (and the dogs, of course!)

Our first stop was Dead Horse Point State Park.  While the legend of how this place got its name is horrible (you can look it up if you want), the views from the hike along the canyon rim are spectacular.  The road to the park turns off about 8 miles before the entrance to Canyonlands, and the park provides views of the canyons created by the Colorado River, far below.

En route, we stopped at two rock formations with famous names:  Judith & Cindi …. ???

Monitor & Merrimac

Then on to the State Park and our hike along the rim of the canyon.  The grand sweep of the views is almost impossible to capture — but I tried anyhow!   (Right click & open in a new window to see larger images.)


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