Boondocking in the desert & San Diego

After leaving Anza-Borrego we wanted to “get away from the crowds” for a few days.  We had allocated some time for “down time” before going to San Diego to see the sights.   So we went to the South Carrizo Creek camping area – a “public lands” site.  The GPS location is:  32.848520, -116.189462   and the first picture below is a Google Satellite view of the location.  We were truly and wonderfully alone in the desert!  We did see the Border Patrol come through one day, and a couple dirt bike riders came through another day, but we were essentially alone together in the desert for three wonderful days!!!  (I have marked our trailer with a red arrow in some of the pictures below.)

South Carrizo Creek (Medium)DSC_7491 site (Medium)DSC_7486 - here we are (Medium) DSC_7485 (Medium) 180 degree_stitch (Medium) DSC_7492 (Medium)

San Diego

Our first stop in San Diego was a visit to the USS Midway — a retired Navy Aircraft Carrier that served from a week after the end of World War II until 1992.  Until 1955 it was the largest ship in the world and typically carried a complement of about 4800 seamen and airmen.  She played a crucial role throughout the Vietnam War and later in Desert Storm.

DSC_7546 (Medium) DSC_7554 (Medium)The view from her flight deck was amazing–

DSC_7549 (Medium) DSC_7561 (Medium)

Across the bay was the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Carl-Vinson (the ship from which Osama bin Laden was buried in North Arabian sea.)

DSC_7557 (Medium) DSC_7559 (Medium)

Unfortunately, Judith just couldn’t follow Navy protocols as she attempted to join at the Admiral’s conference table and ended up in the “brig” —

DSC_7564 (Medium) DSC_7513 (Medium)


We went to the Silver Strand State Park on Coronado Island —

DSC_7566 (Medium) DSC_7567 (Medium)

Kids were playing, and a nice couple from Kokomo, Indiana, took our picture:

DSC_7568 (Medium) IMG_20160419_144711066 (Medium)

Of course, no visit to San Diego is complete without a visit to the San Diego Zoo —

DSC_7572 (Medium) DSC_7573 (Medium) DSC_7587 (Medium) DSC_7592 (Medium) DSC_7599 (Medium) DSC_7635 (Medium) DSC_7640 (2) (Medium) DSC_7658 (Medium) DSC_7681 (Medium) DSC_7715 (2) (Medium) DSC_7733 (Medium) DSC_7745 (Medium) DSC_7762 (Medium) DSC_7793 (Medium) DSC_7805 (Medium) DSC_7810 (Medium) DSC_7816 (Medium) DSC_7820 (Medium)


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  1. Hi guys, great history lesson. Love the pictures. Doing some traveling to georgia, boston, and the hamptons this summer. All ok here. My counts r good. I babysit a dog name charlie mon thru fri from 12 to 6. My neighbors and i do it for free. It helps my pain. Sometimes we have sleepovers lol. I have lost some teeth again from the the drugs to fight the disease. Otherwise, john and i r good and tax season over. Yeah!!!! Be well kids. Keep the blog going to all of us. Miss u. Xo

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