Beautiful Bosque del Apache — Birds & Friends!

View across the Refuge to the Chupadera Mountains

Heron & Egret nests, wetlands, & MountainsIt is hard to believe that our three months here at BdA are quickly coming to an end!  We had so many ideas for things to do … but have only done a few.  The Refuge is beautiful in the springtime!

Cindy and the dogs visited for a while as Roger traveled for work.  We visited two of the three Salinas Pueblo & Missions sites:

Salinas Pueblo – Abo Mission
Salinas Pueblo – Abo Mission
Salinas Pueblo – Abo Mission
Salinas Pueblo – Quarai Mission
Salinas Pueblo – Quarai Mission
Salinas Pueblo – Quarai Mission

We celebrated Passover with our friends Steve and Rachel:

Throughout the spring visitors and staff have regularly spotted over 150 different species of birds!  (Not me, but the very good birders!)  I have seen (and photographed) quite a few, but not that many!

Cormorant with fish
Cormorant getting things organized
Cormorant with fish — dinner time!
Cormorant with full tummy
American Bittern
Wild Turkey – Male Display
Black Necked Stilt
Green Heron
Green Heron
Cassin’s Kingbird
Black Phoebe
Cattle Egret
Clark’s Grebe
Bullock’s Oriole
Double Crested Cormorant
Gambell’s Quail
Great Blue Heron
House Finch
Juvenile Great Blue Heron with Great Egrets
Ring-Necked Duck
Ruddy Duck
Ring Necked Pheasant
Greater Roadrunner
Greater Roadrunner
Rough Legged Hawk
Vermillion Flycatcher
White-Faced Ibis
White-Winged Pheasant
White-Winged Pheasant
White Winged Dove
Yellow Warbler
Say’s Phoebe
Sharp Shinned Hawk
Snowy Egret
Swainson’s Hawk
Neotropic Cormorants
Turkey Vultures
Blue Winged Teal
Spotted Towhee

Of course there are other wild things on the Refuge besides birds…

Monarch Butterfly
Mule Deer
Painted Turtle

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