Ft. William F.N. Pow-Wow and other adventures

July 2, 2017

As we have settled in and are getting our programs pretty well ready for presentation at the National Monument, we have taken time for some outings on days when it hasn’t rained too much.

Our first outing was to the High Falls on the Pigeon River.  These falls, plus other falls and many rapids, are the reason the Grand Portage was necessary.  It was a beautiful day as we drove to Grand Portage State Park, 5 miles away.  When we arrived, the skies opened up and we sat in the car as the rains passed.  Then we took the 1/2 mile paved walkway with stairs (can’t call that a “hike” can we?) to the falls overlook.  It is very pretty.  We even got enough sun for a little rainbow!

Another day we took the hike up Mt. Rose.  This starts right from the parking lot of the Visitor’s Center and rises about 300 feet.  An easy and lovely hike.  While there were many wild roses along the trail, it was not named for them… LOL, but it does provide a wonderful vantage point to look down at the Historic Site and Grand Portage Bay.

Today (July 2, the day after Canada 150 Day) we visited the Pow-Wow held by the Fort William First Nation, near Thunder Bay.  (Yes, I have received my renewed passport, so I was legal!)  This is a Canadian Reserve of another Anishinabe / Ojibway community closely related to the community at Grand Portage.

The opening ceremony was led by five elders.  The costumes were fantastic and the dancers were beautiful.  It was great to watch dancers from all ages — from toddlers guided by their mothers or grandmothers to one lady using a crutch but still participating, and all ages in between.


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