Grand Portage – Final Days

The final few weeks at Grand Portage National Monument were a whirlwind of activity.

The Grand Portage Rendevous — a time when all the Voyagers and officers of the Northwest Company would gather at Grand Portage — is re-enacted every August. About 150 canvas tents were occupied by individuals and families who cook, dress, and live in the 1790’s style for a few days while many share their specialized knowledge of the Grand Portage story.

At the same time, the Grand Portage Pow-Wow is also held.  The colorful regalia and powerful dancing were wonderful!


We were also able to visit the Spirit Tree – a sacred site in the area:

While I was remiss in my duties as a photographer, we enjoyed visits from our friends Jerry & Ellen, and Bill & Kay. While each couple visited us, we ate lots, laughed even more, talked and played some cards. Fun times!

A few pictures of the various parts of the Grand Portage Historic Site. And here’s Judith giving her presentation: “Apply for a job with the Northwest Company”. It was always well received!

The Gentleman’s Bedroom:

The Trade Shop:

The Kitchen:

The inside of a Montreal Canoe – 40 feet long, capable of carrying 8,000 pounds and 16 men!

Of course, the time finally came to say “Farewell” to all of our new friends at Grand Portage National Monument…

Judith & Rachel:

Carrie building a birch-bark lodge:

Rachel & Steve at the Ojibwe Village:

Rachel, Carrie, Beth, & Steve:

Max at the Great Hall:

Ginger in the Kitchen:

Torilyn in the Canoe Warehouse:

Voyager Mark at the Ojibwe Village:

Seasonal Rangers:  Karl, Max, Kalina, Carrie, Jared, and Dale

Max playing while Silvie is doing all the work!

Jared — working hard in the Kitchen

Three Gentlemen at the Great Hall:  Max, Walker, & Doyle 

Paula & Doyle in the Great Hall:


Dale – training for the Rendevous Games:

And Pam  – training for the Rendevous Games:

Walker & Violet training for the Piggy-Back race:

Lily & Silvie in the Kitchen:

Judith, Beth, & Mark at Volunteer Appreciation gathering:

Paul, Amber & Doyle at Amber’s farewell dinner:

Farewell dinner with most of the Seasonal Rangers and Volunteers:

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