Carlsbad Caverns & New Friends

October 19, 2016

We once again hitched Lucy (our trailer) to Linus (our truck) for a three-day outing — this time heading south to Carlsbad, NM, home of the famous Carlsbad Caverns.  Whatever you may have heard about the caverns, it did not contain enough superlatives!  They are huge, fantastic, amazing….  And when I consider that they were first explored by a 16 year old boy using a candle lantern … I really have trouble wrapping my mind around it!  Here are a few of the 300+ pictures I took at the caverns.  Pictures do not even begin to convey the immensity of this place!

DSC_0776 (Medium) DSC_0785 (Medium) DSC_0788 (2) (Medium) DSC_0845 (Medium) DSC_0893 (Medium) DSC_0904 (Medium) DSC_0908 (Medium) DSC_0939 (Medium) DSC_0987 (Medium) DSC_1004 (Medium) DSC_1026 (Medium) DSC_1037 (Medium) DSC_1043 (Medium) DSC_1077 (Medium) DSC_1104 (Medium) DSC_1112 (Medium)

We also were able to once again link-up with another traveling couple, Roger & Cindi, who have infected us with an obsession for the game “Dominion”.  A fun couple with a little dog & a BIG dog.  They have a “huge” 42′ Momentum 5th wheel toy hauler — gotta have room for that ATV!!!

Meeting other Full Time Travelers is such great fun!


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