A Wedding in Youngstown

The wedding of Judith’s youngest niece, Zoe, provided us the motivation to make a long overdue trip to visit friends and family in Cleveland and Youngstown.  It was a whirlwind visit — seeing friends from our old workplaces, neighbors from our old house, Judith’s long-time friends, Gale and Nancy, and of course, my kids — as well as attending the wedding!

Our flight from Duluth was fairly early in the morning, considering that Duluth is a 3 hour drive from Grand Portage.  So, we decided to spend the night before at a hotel in Duluth.  We were able to take a walk along part of the lovely Duluth water front.

The Duluth Airport was extremely easy to navigate.  It has four gates and the security screening took less than 5 minutes!  So, we had plenty of time to read our books before flight time!

The wedding was a beautiful affair, and the time spent with family (old and new) was delightful!  Both Beau and Zac were accompanied by lovely companions that we met for the first time (brave ladies!  meeting the whole clan at one time!)  As always, there were laughs galore!

Of course, the bride was beautiful!  (And Paul, the groom, was handsome.)  But she had real competition from Noah & Amy’s two beautiful daughters!




Gale was so generous, opening her house to us for the days we were in Cleveland.  My kids came over there for a visit, dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and a couple rousing games of Dominion!

Our return trip had a minor hiccup in Chicago – they discovered that the cabin pressurization valve had failed.  So we waited over 3 extra hours in O’Hare Airport waiting for a new plane to arrive.  Landing at 10 PM, we decided to stay overnight in Duluth (again!)  But we arrived “home” safely.

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