An End and a new Adventure – Again

Our three months in New Mexico have flown past!  We had many things we planned to see and do while we were here … most of them will be waiting for our return!

We spent a few hours at the Harvey House in Belen, NM.  He was an innovator, developing a chain (or should I say train?) of restaurants and hotels that followed the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (now the Santa Fe Line) across the country with top quality food and top notch service, staffed with young women of high moral virtue from the Midwestern and Eastern states.  This fall we will be at the Petrified Forest N.P. where Harvey’s “Painted Desert Inn” is located.

Harvey House, Belen, NM

Sunday, May 27, was our last scheduled volunteer day at the Refuge.  I was able to spend a fair amount of time on the refuge — and I was able to see and photograph several birds:

Pied-billed Grebe (momma with two babies riding on her back)
Black Crowned Night Heron
Western Kingbird
Vermillion Flycatcher (Adult Male)
Vermillion Flycatcher (1st year Male)
Vermillion Flycatcher (Juvenile)
Ladder-backed Woodpecker
Western Wood-Pewee
Wild Sunflower

We did take our cameras to the Desert Arboretum (Cactus Garden) one day:

Cholla blossom
Agave (century plant) ready to blossom
Cholly blossom
Prickley Pear blossom
Prickley Pear covered with growth buds
Desert Willow in bloom
Desert Willow blossom
Black-chinned Hummingbird
Bird of Paradise in bloom
Bird of Paradise blossom

We will be saying goodbye to many of our bird friend (and birding friends) as we start our summer adventure:

Judith & Mark – Last day at the Visitor’s Center

The Volunteers are such wonderful people.  We had a Memorial Day pot-luck dinner before leaving on Tuesday morning.  Delicious food, good friends!

Memorial Day Pot Luck Dinner

Now we are “on our way”:   Page, AZ & Antelope Canyon;  Great Basin N.P.;  Glacier N.P.; Waterton Lakes N.P. Canada; Banff N.P. Canada,  Jasper N.P. Canada; Glacier N.P. Canada;  Seattle, Portland, and eventually around to Petrified Forest National Park for our September – November volunteer assignment.

Summer 2018 Trip Plan

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