Arizona Excursions – Arizona Desert Museum, Sonoran Lights, and a Mishap

February 6, 2016

We were very happy for my daughter, Nikki, to visit with us this week.  Of course, we took advantage of the opportunity to visit some new places in Southern Arizona!

Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum

This venue near Tucson and Saguaro National Park (West) is part zoo, part gardens, and completely fascinating!  We especially enjoyed the free flight raptor demonstration:

Great Horned Owl:

Great Horned Owl (6) (Medium) Great Horned Owl (1) (Medium)


Ferruginous Hawk:

Ferruginous Hawk (14) (Medium) Ferruginous Hawk (15) (Medium)


Harris’s Hawk:

Harris's Hawk (6) (Medium) Harris's Hawk (5) (Medium)


But we saw many other desert animals, all in a spacious desert setting.


Coyote (1) (Medium) Coyote (2) (Medium)


Javalina (1) (Medium)


Gray Fox:

Gray Fox (1) (Medium)


Bobcat (2) (Medium)

Mountain Lion:

Mountain Lion (4) (Medium)

Prairie Dog:

Prairie Dog (2) (Medium)

Road Runner:

Road Runner (1) (Medium)

Wild Turkey:

Wild Turkey (Medium)

There was a Cactus Wren perched on a car’s mirror as we entered the grounds:

Cactus Wren (Medium)

While we don’t usually think of it, there are riparian habitats in the desert along the rivers,

Great Blue Heron:

Great Blue Heron (Medium)

Of course, no visit to the desert is complete without a Diamondback Rattlesnake or two:

Rattlesnake - Diamondback (2) (Medium)


There was also a live animal demonstration that included a Military Macaw from the very southern part of the Sonoran Desert, and a Ringtail (sometimes called a Ringtail Cat).

Military Macaw (1) (Medium) Ringtail (1) (Medium)


But of course, there was also scenery and family time:

DSC_5792 (Medium) DSC_5894 (Medium) DSC_5786 (Medium)


Sonoran Lights – Phoenix Botanical Garden

DSC_5949 (Medium) DSC_5955 (Medium) DSC_5969 (Medium) DSC_5971 (Medium) DSC_5979 (Medium) DSC_5992 (Medium) DSC_5976 (Medium) DSC_5995 (Medium) DSC_6016 (Medium) DSC_6005 (Medium)


And the Mishap:

Judith tripped on the curb going into the grocery store — and dislocated her elbow.  So the three of us (Nikki, Judith & me) got to make an “unscheduled” trip to the emergency room.  Nikki was so sweet, helpful & understanding.  Judith is “on the mend” but was very disappointed that she missed the Sonoran Lights — I guess we’ll have to go back.

Dislocation IMG_20160210_113409486 (Medium)


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5 thoughts on “Arizona Excursions – Arizona Desert Museum, Sonoran Lights, and a Mishap

  1. Oh no Judith! Hope you’re getting better. Just for a friendly northeast Ohio update- our favorite Mexican restaurant was closed without notice recently, just in case you were going to drive back for that.

  2. Such beautiful and interesting pictures! Judith I’m sorry to hear of the mishap; I hope it heals quickly! We miss you guys! I was just telling Maddie of the time 6 years ago when I tried to shovel our driveway with her strapped to me in the carrier… And you guys took baby Maddie inside your house to play with her so I could finish shoveling. She thought it was funny and seemed happy about it

  3. I hope this isn’t a competition between the women! If so, I want to lose. We wish you a speedy mend, Judith.
    Oh, Catan isn’t much fun with two. We need to find Catan-playing RVers!

  4. Feel better judith. Omg. Seeing nancy on march third. John changed his mind and will pick her up at airport and then we will have lunch at the hotel. I guess u r limited to activities including hiking? Miss u. Celebrating the big 65 next week. Very happy i reached it. Sister coming the following weekend

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