Oregon Coast – Cape Perpetua Scenic Area

Kajsa had a week off to spend with the boys, so we took the opportunity to head to the Oregon Coast.  We have two sets of volunteering friends (Steve & Mary and Stacy & Stacy) who are volunteering at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.  They had told us how beautiful the area is, so we decided to see it for ourselves.   We had intended to take a picture of the six of us, but …. you know how those things happen.

The scenery was spectacular and our campsite in the Cape Perpetua Campground (National Forest) was beautiful.  It also had zero cell signal.

Many of the spruce trees grow on top of the stump of an older tree (the nurse tree), creating a very unusual configuration.  Here is one that was right next to our campsite.

There was a lovely hike starting near our campsite and going through the forest to a 500 year old Sitka Spruce tree.  A lovely wild iris was growing right along the path.

As the ocean waves break onto the rocky shore eroding the softer parts of the rock, unusual formations are sometimes created like Thor’s Well and the Spouting Horn.  These result in rather spectacular spouts of water spurting from openings in the rock at high tide.  Unfortunately, our timing was such that we never were at the beach at high tide, but we did see small spurts coming from Thor’s Well as the waves rolled in.

But the shore and the waves rolling in were enchanting.

We had emailed our friends to let them know we were coming to the area, but somehow the communication got waylaid.  When we arrived, we walked up to their RV and knocked on the door.  They were flabbergasted to open the door and see us standing on their doorstep!

Tuesday evening we joined our friends for dinner at a local restaurant (Luna Sea) known for its excellent fresh seafood, especially their fresh Halibut fish & chips.  It was really very good.  We had a great time and many good laughs with our friends.

Wednesday we took another walk along a different part of the shore.  More beautiful, wild shoreline,

Plus a few wild flowers and birds…

Wild Iris
Calla Lilly growing wild
Salal – a blueberry like plant growing in huge masses
Bewick’s Wren
Surf Scooters
Song Sparrow on Sala bush
Song Sparrow

It was so good to see our friends (all of whom were vaccinated against Covid-19).

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