N Carolina Adventures – Part 2

One of the key aspects of our role as volunteers at Pocosin Lakes NWR was introducing our visitors to the Red Wolves, the most highly endangered canid in the world which was extirpated from 99.97% of its natural range, was declared “extinct in the wild” and has been re-introduced to the wild on Alligator River NWR and Pocosin Lakes NWR.  (For a more complete story, follow this link.)

We served both in the Visitor’s Center and in the Red Wolf Education Center.  Our rig was parked right at the Education Center, and we got to assist in applying the tick & flea treatment!  Up close & personal with the Red Wolves.  Above are a couple pictures of Cash, one of the two Red Wolves at the Education Center.

From our last blog, here are a couple additional pictures from the North Carolina Aquarium at Manteo.

Judith has continued to enjoy her Gourd Art, and has found various uses for her creations, including a planter for air plants.

Our new kitten, Tooie is now about eight months old and has settled into life in our trailer.

The volunteering schedule is structured somewhat differently than at other locations we have been — work 3 days, off 1, work 3 days, off 7!  That, combined with our having traded some time to help fellow volunteers with a scheduling problem, allowed us to have 10 consecutive days off!  So we took a “road trip”.

First to spend a few days “on the beach” at Oregon Inlet Campground (Cape Hatteras National Seashore).  This included lunch on the pier near Nag’s Head.

A visit to the Whalehead House, a 1920’s hunting lodge, and the Corolla Lighthouse.

The campsites are just one dune away from the ocean.  We had some lovely Indian Blanket wild flowers close by.

I made a trip down to Pea Island NWR.  It was not a pretty day, but I got a few interesting shots of a Willet, a very wet Mockingbird, and some Sanderlings.

Next stop on our tour loop was Williamsburg VA to see our friends Jerry & Ellen.  We love the history & ambiance of this colonial city!  We also loved helping them celebrate their anniversary at The Trellis Bar & Grill — especially sharing the “DEATH BY CHOCOLATE” dessert!

We took the ferry across the James River.  There were numerous channel markers with osprey nesting platforms on top.  Then a visit to Smithfield VA, home of the Smithfield Ham, and some beautiful historic homes.

Next stop on our “grand tour” was Raleigh – Durham and the Museum of Life and Science where SIX Red Wolf Pups were born this spring.  Boy are they cute!


As well as some from last year’s litter.  (Mom & Dad were sleeping on the hill.)

The Museum of Life and Science also has a lovely butterfly house.  They have display of chrysalis with butterflies emerging.  One fell as it came out of the chrysalis and Judith had one of the attendants  check it to be sure it was OK.

Then we moved on to Wilmington NC to meet our friend Fran.  A boat cruise on the Cape Fear River and a tour of Airlie Gardens, as well as some Dominion, were highlights of our time together.  And Fran LOVED Tooie!

We finished our volunteer assignment at Pocosin Lakes NWR and are now starting our loop to see family and friends in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Utah before we return to Bosque del Apache NWR for the fall.  Tooie has become a seasoned traveler, but still complains about bumpy, rough roads!

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