What RV should I buy?

What RV should I buy?

This is a topic that is the subject of tremendous debate.

If you have not yet purchased a rig, take time to think about your lives together, what you like to do inside, what you want to do outside, and look at floor plans … look, look, look. When you think you have found some that you like, go sit it them. Don’t worry about the salesman, just sit & imagine your life together in THAT space. Will it give you enough room for each of you to have some personal space? Does it fit your style for eating & recreation? Will it be right for YOU? Some people are happy in 25 ft or less, others need 40+; neither is right, just different. We see people who are on their 3rd, 4th, 5th, rig – not because they have money to burn, but because they needed different space than what they first bought. Maybe their needs changed, maybe they didn’t adequately think through their needs. Others have their original rig because they adequately evaluated their needs up front.

Frequently you can find a rig that has been gently used. Just because the unit did not fit someone else’s needs doesn’t mean it is not right for you. You can save thousands of dollars buying a rig that is just a couple years old; or you can buy one that is even older and give it a facelift.

Buy the best quality unit that you possibly can. When I am on the forums and see people expressing sincere dissatisfaction with their unit, the vast majority of times they have purchased a light weight, low quality unit. Those units are designed to be used a week or two for vacation plus a few weekends each year — maybe a total of 30 nights per year. If you are full-time living in such a unit, you are putting 12 years of anticipated use onto the rig for every one year you live in it… it’s no wonder they don’t last long! If you feel the floors flex when you walk on them or bounce lightly on them, beware!

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