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9898December 2014

As we have thought about, discussed, ruminated over, and considered the coming year, we decided that we want to put the house on the market sooner rather than later.  But what if it sells quickly (please, yes!)? So we have decided with some reluctance to move Lucy from New York to a campground within driving distance of our work.  We loved Hidden Valley and would recommend it to anyone, but if we had to commute 2 1/2 hours from NY — it just would not work.  We searched the nearby area and found Woodside Lake Park near Streetsboro.  It would be about a half-hour drive from there to Judith’s office!  They also have a delightful staff!  (We have decided that you need to be personable to be successful running a campground.) While their “overnight” camp sites are out in the open and close to their neighbors, their “seasonal” sites are much more desirable with ample trees, small brooks running nearby, and adequate privacy.

Woodside-Lake (1)

So how are we going to get our 38 foot, 16,000 pound (when fully loaded, water tanks full, etc.) trailer from New York to Ohio?  With a “new to us” truck, of course!

A couple months ago friend from work had introduced us to a business owner who was planning to sell his Chevy Silverado 3500 Dually.  But at that point, we thought it was too early to be buying a truck. However, about 2 weeks ago I sat down just to browse what trucks might be available – and that same truck came up! (It must have been Fate speaking!) The owner had traded it in on a brand new one basically just like his old one, and now the dealer had it up for sale. Well, we knew a good bit of the background of the truck & how well it had been maintained, the price was in the range we expected to pay, it was local (we would not have to go to Texas or Tennessee to look at it and buy it.) And since we are going to have to tow the trailer from NY soon anyhow, why not?

It has just about every whistle and bell you can imagine, from heated leather seats to a back seat DVD player (No, Judith, you need to stay up front to help navigate  ……… Remember?) It even seats 4 (if you are friendly in the back seat, maybe even 5). But most importantly, it has all the provisions to safely tow a large trailer. Isn’t it a beauty?

DSC_3869-Large DSC_3867-Large DSC_3874-Large DSC_3873-Large

Speaking of New Beginnings – we gave ourselves a Nature’s Head composting toilet as our Holiday gift.  We have it set up and are using it to make sure we like it (we do!) If you are curious, here are links:

Since the trailer is completely furnished, we have a WHOLE BUNCH of furniture and furnishings that we need to sell or give away.  And of course, we collected a little more when Granna died. Sell some, give away some, donate some to charity – we “will” get the house cleaned out! Hopefully, the house will sell quickly. Then we will be “forced” to move into the RV Trailer. We can get the Solar Panels installed, the composting toilet installed (no big task there), and have everything ready for when the Big Day finally arrives – and we drive off into the sunset.

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