Touring around Lake Chautauqua

Off to a late start (aren’t lazy Saturday mornings great!?!)  Started toward “Panama Rocks” —  a private park & hiking area with very good reviews.  However, as we saw the exit sign for Mayville, we decided to detour to investigate Mayville.  It’s a small town that traces it’s history back to the earliest days of European settlement in the area.

Dock-Restaurant Dock-Restaurant-2

We stopped at an historic restaurant called “The Dock” that has been in operation since 1880!  Had a yummy lunch there. The Chautauqua Belle rear-wheel paddle boat stops at a dock in the park across the street.  She docked and departed while we were eating lunch.

Maysville-Depot-Park-3 Maysville-Depot-Park-2 Maysville-Depot-Park-1 Maysville-Wedding-in-the-Park

After lunch we went across the street to wander around the park.  Many folks out fishing, a public boat ramp, and even a Wedding in the Park! Across the street and down from the restaurant was an interesting old (apparently defunct) business.


Our tummies full and a “strenuous” meander around the park, we decided to save the trip to Panama Rocks for another day.


But when we returned to camp we took a stroll around the campground.  As we crossed the bridge, some youngsters were having a grand time playing in the creek!

The evening brought us to the Frewsburg Hometown Gala Days, a small community festival with a great fish fry (as well as burgers, hot dogs, etc.)  We shared a picnic bench with several local families, which was fun and interesting.

IMAG0041 Historic-Marker-33WaterStreetFrewsburg1

After dinner as we were driving “home” I was struck by an historic house on a hill, the setting sun causing the house to glow.  I stopped & read the placard in front of the house. Then away from the excitement of Frewsburg and onward to the peace and solitude of Hidden Valley & our “Lucy”.


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