Grand Tetons and Yellowstone

We just spent two weeks in Yellowstone & Grand Tetons.  Each day’s memories are squished into one, featuring wildlife viewings, amazing vistas, geysers and hot spots, fun with Cindi and Roger, Hillary and Carol, and more.  Pictures tell it best!

Our first day at Grand Tetons we drove around with Cindi and Roger to get the lay of the land and perhaps see some wildlife.  How about 5 different species in one afternoon!

Who knew that it snows in September in Wyoming??

Herd of elk, then Herd of pronghorn (unfortunately with my phone):

Mama Moose, Papa Moose hiding in the grass, and 2 babies — we only got good pics of the momma:

Mule Deer:

And great views!

Welcome to Yellowstone:

(Right click & open this image in a new tab for the full effect!)


The Upper Geyser Basin — Old Faithful and others:

Old Faithful
Daisey Geyser
Castle Geyser
Coyote near Daisey Geyser
Crested Pool
Daisey Geyser run-off area
Upper Geyser Basin

Mountain Bluebird

A drive to the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone:



provided more wildlife opportunities as well as beautiful views.

Hayden Valley
Hayden Valley Vista
Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone from Artist’s Point


While we had seen pictures of herds of bison and bison jams, we had only seen lone bulls in the woods.  But on our way to the Norris Geyser Basin, we saw them!


Bison Herd
First Bull Bison
First Bull Bison
Second Bull Bison
Second Bull Bison
Second Bull Bison

Now for the question:  Why did the two bull bison cross the road?

Answer:  Because they can!

Two Bull Bison

Mark got a bit too close on the one sighting, see video HERE .

Norris Basin geysers and hot spots and vistas are almost unearthly.

Even in this land of geysers and hot springs and steam, there is wildlife:

Clarks Nutcracker
Clarks Nutcracker

As we drove along, there was another “Bison Jam”.  This time he was walking right down the center line of the road!

Of course, everywhere you turn there is another beautiful vista!

We boondocked the 2nd week we were the Grand Tetons, and here was our view!  We were living in a postcard!

View from our Boondocking Site – Day 1
View from our boondocking site

The views in Grand Teton was ever changing and always beautiful.

We saw bears a couple times, and finally got pictures of a bear!

Black Bear in the woods
Bear in town

Jackson WY is a fun, touristy town!

Entrance to the Town Square
Stained Glass at Wendy’s

It is also home to the headquarters for the National Elk Refuge, where we hope to volunteer some day…

But the trip was not “all” wildlife and mountains.  We also met friends from our Grand Portage days, Hillary & Carol.  And got some quality time with Cali & Pepper — Roger & Cindi’s dogs.

Us with Hillary & Carol
Cali & Pepper

Checking these 2 outstanding parks off our bucket lists has been  special for us.  Our volunteering at the National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and Forests make it feel like we are part of the whole system, and certainly seeing these beautiful places is an uplifting experience.

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